Enough! Toronto needs to begin 2006 by healing the wounds of city-wide gunfire from 2005…

I’m fed up of all this killing, all these kids killing kids killing kids who are are innocent and out with their parents when it should be a regular afternoon in a public space.

Thanks Matto… http://www.thenarrative.net/archive/001132.php

His The Narrative dot net was the first url I dialled up after I
went online this morning after revisiting the vigil location from
sunrise until a few minutes past nine or so. Someone had in bad taste
added a lord of the rings poster overnight, I removed it and kept
answering media questions and relighting the candles until 9 am.

I tried to get a moment of silence together at exactly 5:19 pm
yesterday, Tuesday evening, that woulda been exactly 24 hours since the
shooting and the killing of the young girl. But only three of the
passers by stepped up to join me, Frederick, he was working in one of
the stores involved, said an inclusive general prayer, the three of us said
Amen after that. That was about 5:30 pm last night.

REflecting on it today, what I came up with is:

- A candlelight vigil along both sides of yonge street from at least
elm street to gould street.
- People would BYOC it (Bring Your Own Candle) and hold a
candlelight vigil from 5 pm to 6 pm.
- The date would be January 2nd, One week from Boxing Day Monday.

- At 5:19 pm, A moment of silence.

- The moment of silence I imagine is city wide.

- The moment of silence I imagine is also all cash registers along
yonge street shops stopping at 5:19 pm for one full minute.

- IF this yonge and dundas moment of silence on Jan 2nd, 5:19 pm
could become a city-wide moment of silence, It would be a moment to
remind us all about ending the violence and beginning the 2006 year
with that intention, that reminder.

I need all your help…

Please get the word out about the January 2nd 2006 Vigil and 5:19 pm Moment of silence any way you can…

~ HiMY! ~

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