Shift Memorial to Trinity Church…?

The idea the makeshift site being held at the church behind the Eaton Centre is a good one. It is accessible, not that much out of the way, a more dignified spot, and it might bring a sense of peace to mourners.

It is also symbolic because here is this innocent, small, almost hidden gem in the middle of corporate, legal ,academic and street corner society. It is right in front of Bell Communications. maybe that can tie in. Communicate to your neighbour Zero tolerance for Guns-Looking at” roots - hard wired for results.” - a certain amount of revenues on Valentine’s Day will go the families or who are missing loved ones- education fund or where they think it would help. Victims would have a face. A kernel for later. Footlocker could take a stand “Put your foot down on violence-” get involved and support these agencies listed-would be current ways to help.


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