Behind The Music - Too Much!

Behind The Music- Too Much!

Don’t cheer the rapper introducing his bro as “the ultimate gangsta yet”
Do see the hood killing the innocent, young and unknown for coke and meth
Don’t dance to the music if you can’t trust the words
Bring a nine year old to “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is just absurd!
The mainstream, accepting culture is not capturing criminals, its arresting us.
Disguised in bling, swear words, hostility, and fashion that says- “get tough”
“The medium is the message”- has never been more true
Where red blood once flowed, skin that is now blue

He is not a hero
In the character trait department, give the gangster a zero
Straight, shiny, polished guns
Thought sexy, glamorized, macho and fun
‘Till you get down on your knees and pray
To turn back time, the split second, that took your loved one away
Apathy is the real killer
Not my bubble, fast cellular life, latte or chiller

Parents, communities whose silence they keep
Are nothing but a spineless flock of sheep
Until one day the cold end of the barrel they’ll see
For in the gang world there’s no immunity
The cool gang vets are now addicts eating out of garbage cans
But they can say they once owned a BMW, Rolex and other fancy brands
Living on the sidewalk, a resume of dead relatives and friends, and dying of HIV
What good was the revenge, the drugs, that plasma T.V.?

And once there was a spark
Fast forward, faded into the dark
Feel a mother’s raw and continual pain
Next time you sing the rappers battle refrain
‘Cause it will crush a heart like crumpled paper
No thought to human suffering- what happens later
Snapshot, the crowning of life, the vision of hope
Think of the words, the effect, the scope

Anita L. Barber

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