MEDIA/PRESS RELEASE - Candlelight Vigil for Jane Creba and Moment of Silence for All Victims of Gunfire


December 30, 2005

For Immediate Release

Candlelight Vigil for Jane Creba and Moment of Silence for All Victims of Gunfire

(Toronto) - December 30, 2005- Toronto begins 2006 by healing the wounds of city-wide gunfire from 2005. On Monday January 2nd, 2006 there will be a Candlelight Vigil from 5 pm - 6 pm on Yonge Street between Elm and Gould Streets, including a Moment of Silence at 5:19 pm.

On December 26, Boxing Day 2005, gunfire erupted in downtown Toronto, resulting in the death of 15 year old Jane Creba and injury to six others.

The next day, minutes after the yellow police caution tape was removed from the Yonge Street Boxing Day crime scene, what the media has dubbed the ‘makeshift memorial’ for the young victim who we now know as Jane Glenn Creba, began to take shape: at first two bouquets of flowers, then candles, teddy bears, and more important messages of condolence and empathy.

Since then, friends and family of Jane Creba and Toronto residents who never knew her have been visiting the ‘makeshift memorial’ site located in front of the Foot Locker shop window on Yonge Street, south of Elm to pay their respects, to pause and reflect.

This city has started a conversation with itself and the ‘makeshift memorial’ has partly evolved into a ‘makeshift watercooler’ discussion on gun violence and its causes within the city of Toronto.

That discussion will continue with an hour long Candlelight Vigil taking place on Monday January 2nd, 2006 from 5 pm to 6 pm, including a moment of silence at exactly 5:19 pm.

Vigil keepers will line both the east and west sidewalks along Yonge Street between Elm and Gould holding candles against the backdrop of retailers’ neon signs.

The moment of silence is to remember ALL 52 victims of gunfire in 2005 in the city of Toronto, including the most recent, Jane Glenn Creba, 15.

A reading aloud of the names and ages of ALL 52 victims of gunfire in Toronto during 2005 will begin at 5:10 pm. The last name to be read aloud will be ‘Jane Creba, 15′. The moment of silence will take place exactly one week to the minute when Jane Creba and the six others were shot.

The Candlelight Vigil is ‘BYOC’, bring your own candles and ’BCFO’, bring candles for others.

In deference to Boxing Day, Business Owners along Yonge Street and elsewhere in the city of Toronto are asked to participate in the moment of silence by stopping their cash registers for one full minute at 5:19 pm.

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