Wiretap manhunt; Detectives sifted through tens of thousands of phone calls in hunt for Jane Creba’s killers

Thursday, December 7, 2006

The hunt for the trigger-happy gunmen who killed Jane Creba in last year’s Boxing Day shootings centred on listening in on cellphone calls made by suspects, court heard yesterday.

The veil was lifted on the massive Toronto Police investigation into the Boxing Day shootings that killed Jane Creba when wiretap evidence was played for the first time yesterday in open court.

Project Green Apple, a six-month probe that led to dramatic raids on two Toronto street gangs in June, involved more than 250,000 intercepted phone calls, court heard during a bail review for one of the men charged in the raids.

His lawyer says police were so focused on finding the Boxing Day shooters they ignored evidence of other crimes –including drug dealing and death threats — until witnesses refused to co-operate.

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