Rapport Youth & Family Services receives $800 donation

Brampton, Ontario, December 4, 2006Rapport Youth & Family Services is pleased to accept the donation of $800.00 from Sheridan College’s Student Union.This donation was collected as part of the Student Union’s activities surrounding “Gun Violence Awareness Week” at Sheridan’s Davis (Brampton) Campus.

Gun violence in Canada is tragically on the rise. The Montreal Massacre in 1989, the Concordia University shooting in 1992 when a professor shot a student, the death of Jane Creba on Boxing Day 2005, and Anastasia De Sousa’s killing at Dawson College in September 2006 are just a few examples that are all very real and very scary.

With “These are the only guns I need” campaign Sheridan students are creating awareness taking the same style of t-shirt that students buy in the stores, and using it to spread a message with a humour that the students understand.

The result? Students are talking. They are talking about the edgy campaign to stop gun violence. Students are getting the message, they are spreading the word, and they are on their way to ending gun violence.

Sheridan College students are, and will remain, committed to ending gun violence.

The funds raised from the Student Union’s activities surrounding “Gun Violence Awareness Week” will go to benefit ECLYPSE, a program of Rapport Youth & Family Services.The key objectives of ECLYPSE are to provide direct services to at-risk youth between the ages of 12 to 24, who would otherwise have difficulty accessing services through the more traditional approaches in the social services, education, employment and health sectors.

Their second objective is to provide a healthy, non-threatening environment for troubled youth to socialize, learn and participate in constructive and growth-enhancing activities.The third objective is to promote increased collaboration amongst youth serving organizations to strengthen services in the Region of Peel.

About Rapport Youth & Family Services:

Rapport primarily provides individual, family, and group counselling for adolescents and young adults experiencing personal, social, or familial challenges. Clients seen at Rapport are typically between 12 and 20 years of age, and are either residing, attending school or working in the Region of Peel. All services at Rapport are provided on a voluntary and confidential basis, with clients being seen at one of Rapport’s three office locations or in a variety of community settings.

For further information contact:

Rob El-Sayed
Manager of Fund Development & Communications, Rapport Youth & Family Services 905-455-4100


Rosa Filipe
Director of Student Awareness,
Sheridan College Student Union
905-459-7533 Ext. 5318

Rapport Youth & Family Services website: www.rapportyouth.com.

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