Moving the ‘makeshift memorial’ . . .

The Makeshift memorial after a recent snowfall...

. . . next door. To the empty store, which you can see gated up here:

Empty Yonge Street storefront to the left of the Foot Locker store and the makeshift memorial.

I have been giving this much thought and it is simply obvious: move what the media at first were calling the ‘makeshift memorial’ next door.

Next door, the storefront to the immediate south of the Foot Locker currently sits empty. Most recently it housed one of those Giant Book Sales types of ‘makeshift bookshops’ which dot the city of Toronto.

To be fair to Foot Locker, it has been a week now with this growing memorial on their window front and I can only imagine how traumatizing seeing that ‘makeshift memorial’ grow must be for the Foot Locker employees who survived the boxing day shooting.

Further, I suspect simply removing the flowers and cards and teddy bears overnight and cleaning the sidewalk of melted wax, won’t stop new flowers and messages and cards from being placed there anew within hours.

Across the Street from Jane Creba Memorial on Yonge Street

Moving it next door, into a dedicated space which serves as a temporary memorial and safe place of reflection I think is reasonable. The Yonge Downtown BIA (Business Improvement Association) and The City of Toronto should sponsor the funding of a short term lease, perhaps into March or April at the latest, and provide the citizens of Toronto this place to remember and reflect.

The people of Toronto need a space, this space, to continue the conversation began since the Boxing Day Shootings.

The Yonge Downtown BIA should pitch in as it was BOXING DAY Sales which brought everyone downtown to begin with, and the City of Toronto should also contribute as this has become a point of pilgrimage for people from all over the Greater Toronto Area.

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