Rally & March to Bring Back the Peace

Hello Toronto,

In case you missed it, this is YOUR call to action to make Toronto’s communities safer.

Who: You and every Torontonian, and our friends
What: March & Rally to Bring back the peace, featuring speakers & local artists
Where: College & Yonge Sts.
When: Saturday January 7, 2006 @ 1:00PM
Why: In 2005 there were 52 shooting deaths in Toronto. Unfortunately, it took until the 52nd gun-related murder for our political leaders to feel the sense of urgency that communities have felt for years.

The Toronto Youth Cabinet wants to ensure that the 52 people who were murdered in 2005, as well as those before them, have not died in vain. To ensure that change is made, we want to see our political leaders make the investments in us and our communities that will save lives.

But judging by their actions — or inaction, as the case may be — politicians need the confidence that only the people of Toronto can give them to create the change that has been called for sporadically from every corner of the city.

This is why we, the youth of Toronto, want everyone to join us as we demonstrate to every decision-maker that impacts Toronto that we will settle for nothing less than decisive action that supports every community in our city.

If you have any questions, please contact Adam, Director of Council Relations for the Toronto Youth Cabinet at council[@]torontoyouth.com or 416-392-3586

Amarjeet Chhabra
Director of Special Events
Toronto Youth Cabinet

Office: 416.392.3586
Cell: 416.856.9587

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